Voip Services

VoIP Telephone Services For Business

What is VoIP?

VoIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol, is an Internet based replacement for your telephone lines.  It allows you to make telephone calls over the Internet.

Why use VoIP?

VoIP technology and services are now fast becoming a must have element for businesses. Unlike earlier when VoIP services were unreliable, technological advancements and improved internet services have made this a viable and reliable solution for businesses. VoIP services are much cost-effective solutions compared to other communication systems and offer a wide array of features and application. You can see some of these listed below.

Our VoIP Installation Service

We have the experience of installing VoIP systems for various clients with varied requirements over the years. We can ensure we have the professionalism to identify the exact VoIP services you require so that your company can gain the maximum benefit out of it. VoIP might not be for every company if we think that your company will not benefit from or not be capable of maintaining a VoIP service, we are honest enough to notify you the earliest we realize it.

What Next?

If you are considering using a VoIP system then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will provide you with a free site survey and a detailed quotation.

The advantages of using VoIP for your Business?

Lower Communication Costs

Due to the flexibility of the system, using a VoIP system can save certain companies a lot of money, especially because of the different call plans available. The best examples for this would be calls to another VoIP system can be toll-free and if you have two or more offices, the calls between those locations, over the VoIP system will also be free.

Staff Productivity

The main advantage of using a VoIP system is that every member of your staff can take a call through this system as long as they have access to a broadband connection. You can be at one of your offices, be on one’s laptop at home or be at a remote outstation location, a good internet connection is all that matters. This added flexibility ensures that you can be connected to your co-workers, business partners and customers wherever you are.

Virtual Telephone Numbers

An added advantage of having a VoIP system is that you can use a phone number code of your preference for your number. So if you require a Manchester telephone code and operate in West Yorkshire, you can still have one.

System Functionality

Great system features such as voice mail to emails, call forwarding and ring groups are also available with VoIP.