Phone Answering Service

Telephone Answering Service | 24/7 Call Center Solutions

24 hour live answering and support by a team of customer service experts.

Having a live telephone answering service for your business makes staying in touch with your customers a lot easier. It does not matter if they are a long-time loyal customer of yours or is just a first-time customer, having a real person, a courteous and skilled person, answer the phone when they require help with an issue, makes for a great customer experience. It would also go a long way towards enhancing your company’s reputation as well making that customer even more brand loyal.


How our telephone answering service can work for your business

If you are a small business, hiring enough receptionists or in-house staff to provide a 24-hour service will be quite a challenging task. By using our 24-hour telephone answering service you will be able to get your company live and professional support personnel around the clock.

The process of getting our services is quite easy. Step one would be to contact one of our account managers to evaluate exactly what sort of an answering service your business will require. During this process we will determine factors such as taking orders for physical products, qualifying for your inbound leads and having to schedule appointments for services. We will take into account the type of your company as well as your budget and devise the perfect phone answering service account for your business.

Once that process is over you can easily forward your existing hotline number to us,
once you are ready. If you are a new business and you don’t have a hotline number, you can just start using the free phone number we will give you, which won’t cost you anything extra.

Once the account is finalized and the phone number set up, our support service experts take over the operation. We will answer the phone in your business’s name and you can choose a custom professional greeting that we can use. We can ensure that your customers will receive the same courteousness and care which they get from employees of your own company but it will only cost you a small fraction of the price.

Business call answering service features

24/7 Live Reception

It might be just for out of hours or around the clock, our support personnel/ receptionists will be there to take any number of calls you get. We will answer the phone in your business’s name and you can choose a custom professional greeting that we can use.

Call transfer and routing

You have complete control over every aspect of this process. We will do what you request from us. We will transfer your calls to the individual or department you request. If either one is unavailable we either try to get hold of someone else from your staff or take a message.

Dedicated agents

Make it so that your customer service is up to international standard by using our customer care experts to support your business. You won’t have to worry about training, planning or reimbursements; we will take care of all of those things, while you provide a customer care experience of the highest quality for your customers.

Lead capture

We will collect whatever information you require from your callers and website visitors. Leads or contacts lead to more business opportunities. By using our phone answering service you never miss a lead or a business opportunity.

Lead qualification

All customer leads don’t have the same weight. Some will be important, while other won’t be as much. Sorting one from the other can consume a lot of time. Our phone answering service solves this issue by asking the right questions from your caller. This will lead to you acquiring the best leads and therefore the best results.

Inbound sales

When you have a good phone answering service it can do a lot more than just take a message. Every time a person calls you regarding a product or a service, it is a business opportunity. Having a live answering service mean there will always be an customer care expert on this side of the line to close that sale, even if you or one of your direct employees are not available.