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In today’s highly competitive market place, no company can afford to miss a business opportunity.


Running a business in a competitive and fast-paced industry can be quite a challenging process. Competing for work talent, while dealing with tight budgets amidst fast changing market conditions, can make running a business smoothly, a real challenge. This is why countless companies look to call center outsourcing partners to help them resolve business challenges and to make sure their key competencies are at the center of attention.

There are various keys for business success; increasing efficiency, reducing of costs and an inherent flexibility to quickly scale up or down are chief among them. By getting Live IT Support to power crucial employee, customer and partner relationships, you will gain control over these keys to success and making us a long-term strategic partner will be one of the best business decision you have made.


Each company’s requirement is unique and there is never one solution that fits all problems. This is why we offer 100% custom, yet comprehensive call center solutions to meet our clients’ needs. There are many different options available when setting up a call center: whether on-shore or off-shore, inbound or outbound, seasonal or 24x7x365 or after-hours, with a dedicated or shared model, is it live chat or email or social media. Live IT Support provides them all.

We make sure we build a solid foundation by choosing the right people, the right technology and the right processes which are uniquely qualified to deal with the core requirements of our client. We take that burden away from our clients so that they can concentrate on keeping their business running smoothly.


Live IT Support experts deliver low cost, high quality call center services from all over the globe. We have centers in North America, United Kingdom, Indonesia and India.

We always put a huge emphasis on recruiting only the best and we continuously provide ongoing training. Because of this we can assure you that our specialists can handle the toughest situations, most challenging questions on the busiest days with a smile and empathy. Because we have numerous centers around the globe you will always be talking to one of our experts during their daily day-time working hours. Because of this they will never be stressed out or sleepy. Live IT Support has our own proprietary instructor-led and eLearning training centers which optimize the speed, and productivity of our employees.

Live IT Support experts realize that every customer interaction is imperative to your company’s reputation. Our staff is accent-neutral and we are all problem solvers, not script readers. We embrace our client’s brand identity and values as our own and promote the client throughout the interaction. We are fundamentally driven to go beyond the KPI’s to help our client’s business grow and succeed.