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We offer a wide range of support options to help your clients

In this day and age of high competition, customer retention is everything. Customer service and the level of after sales technical support goes a long way in deciding if whether your customer stays with you or leaves you for a competitor. We can provide you with wide array of Live Technical Support services to reinforce your business and increase customer loyalty. 


In every company, it is the help desk team that represents the human face of its support system; it is the link between the customer and the company. So it is imperative that they show the utmost professionalism, efficiency and competence in conducting their duties. Our Agents at Live IT Support tend to be problem-solvers rather than script-readers. They possess the required industry experience and professionalism to handle all of your customers’ needs.

Live IT Support agents have the perfect combination of technical and interpersonal skills, and are able to make each customer interaction personalized and enjoyable to the caller. They are prepared to handle any eventuality and are able to adapt to new technologies and business requirements with ease.  We not only solve problems quickly we make sure the reputation for quality your company has, is secured and enhanced.

Troubleshooting Technical Issues

We will get to the root of an issue. We ensure our staff has the latest training to ensure they are up to date with the latest technology and software.  We have the knowledge and experience to work on any technical issue and have dealt with servers and start-up software and fixed glitches. 

Ongoing Support QA

Our QA team are always looking for ways to make things even more efficient. They evaluate processes to ensure we always present the best solution.  We provide internal training to empower our staff and ensure they have the latest up to date training to make sure every interaction with a customer ends with satisfaction.

 Courteousness, approachability and understanding technical elements are the main qualities we try to promote when talking with a customer. We want to ensure the customer will have no hesitation in contacting our support staff again if another issue arises.

365 Days Support for 24 hours a day with quality and efficient responses.

We are available to support your business 24/7, even on national and public holidays. We have staff in various countries with different timings which allows them to still work during their normal working hours, while collectively providing 24/7 support. Live support is available almost instantly and a majority of request tickets get answered within two hours. Contact Live IT Support for response time estimates for your business providing Live support. 

Connects to Your Existing Help Desk

If you already have a help desk, don’t fret, we can connect to your existing help desk as well. You can maintain your current processes as you always did and even answer a share of your tickets yourself. We can handle the tickets you assign to us. If you require of us, we can be the first point of contact on tickets and we can assign or escalate tickets as requested from us.

Schedule a Consultation for More Details

Some systems are more complex than others, so get in touch with us to give us a bit more information about what you need specifically, and we can let you know if we can help.