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Our Vision: Succeeding through our customer’s success

We aim to be a partner in your success. Inter-twining cutting-edge technology with innovative solutions, the main objective of Live IT Support is to give your customers the best online support experience possible, an experience that reflects the brand and the business culture of your company. Due to its 24×7 availability and instant results, Live Chat has now become the most efficient and most preferred method of customer support in the world. Live IT Support are experts in providing the best such services out there.

We at Live IT Support, never compromise on the quality of the service we deliver. We pride ourselves in providing the best service possible regardless of the size of your account or the size of your company. We make sure your customers do not needlessly waste their time. We guide them through either their browsing experience or the course of resolving their issues, while providing them with accurate information during the entirety of the process. We know that business culture differs from country to country and company to company; so we make sure we adhere to your specific requirements, to make sure your customers leave completely satisfied after getting our service.

Our priority is our customers. We do everything in our power and then some to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied at the end of the day. We spend a lot of time and effort on quality assurance. Our customer support trainers visit our customer service centers around the globe every two months to review our customer interaction standards and ensure that our communication methods and customer support processes are functioning at the optimum level.

Our head office, marketing and business development center is based in the West Midlands, UK and we also have business centers in North America, United Kingdom, Indonesia and India. We strive to ensure that our business centers utilize the latest technologies and the best outstanding infrastructure available in order to provide an international level service. This objective is proven true by the implementation of CISCO based IP networks at all our business centers. Contact us to find out more about us.

We focus on delivering a high quality service, designed to meet your needs.

Our main focus is to deliver a high quality service, custom designed to meet your needs.
Contact us today for a meeting to see how we can help your business get the most out of your customer support services. Let us worry about your customer support so you can concentrate on making your business even more successful.

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We will solve any task

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We have different types of communication channels

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